Mission of three forces  : Creating a healthy life for human beings
Sanli vision  : Become a pharmaceutical enterprise trusted by Chinese people
management idea  : Making good medicine based on morality
Production concept — Benevolent materials, lean manufacturing
Financial concept — Integrity and compliance, professional and efficient
R & D concept— Take the patient as the center, take the curative effect as the core
Sales philosophy — Efficient implementation, innovation integration and result orientation
Brand concept — Build a brand with word of mouth
The concept of employment — Morality first, unity of knowledge and action
Development concept — Based on the principle of long-term value, focus on pharmaceutical, steady development
Core values  : Morality, goodness, persistence, responsibility, exploration, development, sharing and freedom
Chongde— Adhere to benevolence and take moral quality as the bottom line.
The best — Stop at perfection and aim at excellence.
insist — Do well in every detail of the process and insist that everything has a result,
Stick to the bottom line in the heart and stick to the common dream.
to bear — Do well what you should do and be responsible for the results; Take responsibility for what others lack.
explore— They are eager for the unknown and have the courage to innovate; Dare to practice, fault tolerance and error correction.
open up — Break through the stereotypes and dare to be the first; Try first and seek truth.
share — Team oriented, mutual respect, harmonious coexistence, to strive for pride, hand in hand, share the results.
free— Love life and go for it.


Sanli logo is a combination of blue and white, a collection of Sanli values, and the moral of "Sanli". It has three meanings The image of the sun: the near circular white pattern in the upper left corner represents the sun, illuminating and warming all things, representing the spirit of responsibility; Rising from the East and falling from the west every day, unchanged for thousands of years, represents the spirit of persistence. Sailor image - the whole white pattern is a human figure, representing sailor: steering the boat, riding the wind and waves, representing the spirit of exploration and development. The image of thousands of rivers into the sea -- except for the nearly circular pattern, the white pattern represents thousands of rivers, and the blue on the bottom represents the sea: thousands of rivers into the sea, embracing all rivers, representing the spirit of sharing.
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